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I use boost::test to run integration tests on a class that creates directories and files. I would like these files to be named test-case specific so if I run into trouble I can easily find which test case left its directories/files around.

So I would like to use the test case name in the constructor of the fixture that I'm using, as demonstrated below. Is this possible at all, and how? I searched the boost::test manual but could not find this information.


struct foo_fixture
        std::string case_dependent_name( BOOST_TEST_CASE_NAME ); 
        create_directory( case_dependent_name );

BOOST_FIXTURE_TEST_CASE ( foo_case_one, foo_fixture )
BOOST_FIXTURE_TEST_CASE ( foo_case_two, foo_fixture )
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I found this, and it works:

boost user group discussion

Essentially, you use the string member variable found on the test_unit instance:

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You are my hero. –  Chris Cleeland Mar 21 '13 at 20:30

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