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I've created my repository this way:

sudo svnadmin create /svn

After restarting apache i get this error:

Syntax error on line 16 of /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dav_svn.conf: DAV not allowed here

# dav_svn.conf - Example Subversion/Apache configuration
# For details and further options see the Apache user manual and
# the Subversion book.
# NOTE: for a setup with multiple vhosts, you will want to do this
# configuration in /etc/apache2/sites-available/*, not here.

# <Location URL> ... </Location>
# URL controls how the repository appears to the outside world.
# In this example clients access the repository as http://hostname/svn/
# Note, a literal /svn should NOT exist in your document root.
#<Location /svn>

  # Uncomment this to enable the repository
  DAV svn

  # Set this to the path to your repository
  SVNPath /svn

Any idea?



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<Location /svn> got commented out, remove the # in front of it.

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I struggled with this for a while before I finally figured it out.

Need to remove the # from #<Location /svn> and #</Location>

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According to the manual, DAV needs to be inside a container (e.g. Location).

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