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Fist of all , I would say thank you to watch my post.

Secondly, the problem: if I type the ruby -v , how can I got witch ruby interpreter is talking to me ? I have two on my pc, one by rvm and one by a local directory.

So how can I figure out witch ruby is talking to me ?

How can I figure out what is the webrick using ?

I'm using ubuntu 10.4

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$ which ruby

If you're using RVM, you can put rvm 1.9.2 into the file .rvmrc in a project directory, and it will automatically be selected when you change to that directory. See here for details.

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Thank you ! It works fine!When i try to run the project on WebRick, it said missing mysql gem. But If i see the gem list, there is the mysql gem :( Somehow the webrick can't see the installed gem file. Can you tell me what should be the probmel ? – Karoly Nov 12 '10 at 10:58
You need to post details about how you start Webrick, and the complete output with the error message. Also the output of gem list would help. – Lars Haugseth Nov 12 '10 at 15:58

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