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I'm facing a problem that i can't explain :/

I have created a route for a specific action. And it shows up into rake routes result :

{:action=>"update_attendance", :controller=>"admin/lists"}

This action si suppose to handle a form submission :

= form_for @upload, :url => {:controller => 'admin/lists', :action => 'update_attendance', :id =>}

BTW : I also tried to use the helper update_attendance_admin_module_instance_activity_instance_list_path but it's very wordy and doesn't work either.

Then when the form is submitted :

Started POST "/admin/module_instances/2/activity_instances/2/lists/1/update_attendance" for at 2010-11-11 11:16:48 +0100

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/admin/module_instances/2/activity_instances/2/lists/1/update_attendance"):

A url successfully generated through a path helper is supposed to match and rails should fail generate the view if the route wasn't matching...

So, my question is simple : Why this route doesn't match ?

Hopefully some one will see something obvious (and probably stupid) otherwise i will need some xanax :D

Thanks for your help :p

PS : routes.rb file available here

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Ok when using an update action (object gave to form_for not empty). The method must be PUT instead of POST.

The weird part is : why Rails didn't displays this message ?

Started PUT "/admin/module_instances/2/activity_instances/2/lists/1/update_attendance"

Instead of this one

Started POST "/admin/module_instances/2/activity_instances/2/lists/1/update_attendance"

At the end the solution is simple in the route file :

Replace that :

post :update_attendance

by that :

put :update_attendance
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