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How to get screen resolution (height, width) in ruby script?

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In what units? The kind returned by ˋstty sizeˋ? – tchrist Nov 11 '10 at 12:15
What Operational System? – Nakilon Nov 11 '10 at 12:17

Ruby has no notion of a GUI. You would need to use somethign like the Ruby Xlib Wrapper for this.

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On Linux:

x, y = `xrandr`.scan(/current (\d+) x (\d+)/).flatten

On windows, use WIN32OLE and such.

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Linux: work well – Ivan Black Mar 15 '14 at 5:16

I came across this page while looking for solutions on how to deal with multi-monitor setups, so I'll add what I found here. For me the best solution was using Qt, which can be done as follows:

require 'Qt4'

desktop =

The object returned by screenGeometry is a QRect which has height, width and a whole bunch of other potentially useful attributes. Obviously this is specifically for the primary screen, but you could also use desktop.numScreens to determine how many screens there are and check them all individually.

I realise this question is old, but hopefully this will be useful to someone.

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From Ruby Forum

require 'dl/import'
require 'dl/struct'


user32 = DL.dlopen("user32")

get_system_metrics = user32['GetSystemMetrics', 'ILI']
x, tmp =,0)
y, tmp =,0)

puts "#{x} x #{y}"
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