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How do i recreate the structure of my database in MYSQL using PHPmyAdmin or even through a query somehow? What i want is to get the skeleton of the database, something i can transfer onto any server.

PHPmyAdmin provides the PHP code only when you create a particular table. Anybody knows how i can get that PHP code after i've created the tables?
If i could get that i'd just have to PHP this code onto any server and my database would be recreated instantly.

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PHPMyAdmin allows you to create an SQL dump of your database. This SQL dump contains the CREATE statements for the tables in the database, possibly followed by the INSERT statements for the data (which you can remove by hand or by asking PHPMyAdmin not to generate them).

You can also query for the creation SQL statement of a table using SHOW CREATE TABLE foobar.

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Check out the mysqldump tool, it's installed along with MySQL. It can be used to get the data as SQL, CSV, tab separated, XML, etc. along with CREATE TABLE statements and so on.

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I use SHOW CREATE TABLE for this. It'll output the appropriate SQL to recreate the table.

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use mysqldump, there are many various options to use :

shell> mysqldump [OPTIONS] database [tables]
OR     mysqldump [OPTIONS] --databases [OPTIONS] DB1 [DB2 DB3...]
OR     mysqldump [OPTIONS] --all-databases [OPTIONS]

Check out documentation. http://doc.mpv.ru/mysql/mysqldump.htm

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