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I have a site that I have 5 separate domains bought for. The Plesk Panel is set up so that one is the main domain and the other 4 redirect to this.

The problem I have is that if you go to the site via the main domain, the site’s title tag (<title>""</title>) displays as I have set it to, but if you visit the site via one of the redirections, it simply displays as the URL.

How can this be fixed so that the proper <title> displays no matter how the site is accessed?


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Looks like you frame-forwarded the other domains. First, unless you have a reason, this is a bad idea for SEO and many other things. You may want to select the standard redirection.

Nevertheless, if you must use it that way, open up the httpdocs directory for each redirected domain. You will see index.html files in which the iframe redirection is done. Just set their <title>s.

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Perfect, that's it. Thanks very much –  evesirim Nov 11 '10 at 13:42

Your host may be using frames on the redireciton-page, giving you frames on the page you've been redirected to. If this is the case, you could use a frame-busting script.

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