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Is there a solution to redirect the user to a specific controller#action if no route matched? I had a "last rule" like this:

 match ":rest" => "application#notfound", :constraints => { :rest => /.*/ }

to redirect all "other" stuff to application#notfound. The problem is that plugins with own routes where set below shis rule and never gets called.

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why not simply edit public/404.html? –  Faisal Nov 11 '10 at 15:04

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You are definitely not the only person having this problem. I know it's frustrating, but give it some time - I'm confident the Rails team will put together something simple and elegant. I'm in a similar position, only I need to know the incorrect url resource the user entered.

A quick Google search and I found this article demonstrating a full solution to the Rails 3.0 rescue_from ActionController::RoutingError problem. The solution involves Route Globbing and solves my need to both handle incorrect urls and capture the url entered. Hope this helps!

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Make a catch-all route and put it as the last rule in your routes.rb file.

match "*rest" => "application#notfound"

you also get whatever the path was as a parameter thru params[:rest] in your controller.

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Why the down vote? –  edgerunner Feb 2 '11 at 12:29

Put this rule last.. Routing matches from top to bottom so if it did find a match then it stops there.

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I put it as tha last rule. The problem is, that plugins will be added after the application rules, so I had to find another way :( –  Fu86 Nov 11 '10 at 13:51
I see where the issue is. Plugins should be providing a way for you to call their routes. For example devise provides devise_for routing methods. –  zzawaideh Nov 11 '10 at 14:17

Maybe it's not the best approach, but it will works while you don't find better solution

for rails 2.3, at the application controller, catch the exception like

rescue_from(ActionController::RoutingError) { redirect_to "/xpto" #add your code here }

Rails 3

At initializer put a code like:

module ActionDispatch
  class ShowExceptions
   def render_exception(env, exception)
     if exception.kind_of? ActionController::RoutingError
       render(500, 'it was routing error')
       render(500, "some other error")


or something more clean like:


match '/:anything', :to => "home#routing_error", :constraints => { :anything => /.*/ }

but maybe this last match won't be good for you as it'll override all routes from plugins/engines. I think that best solution is to use custom rack middleware for handling special cases.

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