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I am using Lucene seacrh engine for fulltext search it give search result for non ascii character also but the problem is suppose I added a text 帕普部分分配数量 and will search with only one character 帕 it will give result but when will search with full non-ascii word 帕普部分分配数量 it is not giving any result, the strange thing is when I put spaces between each charcter for example 帕 普 部 分 分 配 数 量 and theb will search it give result

Will realy appreciate any help


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Be sure to use the same Analyzer when indexing and searching.

What happens is your Analyzer is indexing each characters as an individual Term, and then if you search with a different analyzer (IE WhiteSpaceAnalyzer) it searches for a Token containing all the specified characters in your Query.

To search for a sequence of characters like you want, you need to use the same Analyzer and have the QueryParser build a PhraseQuery with all the individual Tokens.

Some sample code of your indexing and searching routines would make it easier to help you.

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