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I have been looking for some good MVC2 cheatsheets to help a new team of .NET developers get used to some of the basics of MVC as a pattern and also MVC2 as a microsoft framework.

I found a few examples for MVC1 in relation to the HTML helpers but nothing that including the new features of MVC2.

Where can I find some cheat sheets for MVC2?

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RedGate has a good MVC poster you can download, but this doesn't go into great depth on the objects and properties in MVC.

Alternatively there are a few MVC 1 posters here.

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There are no MVC2 or 3 sheets on that page? – Andrew Feb 10 '11 at 9:16

Red Gate has a great MVC Request Handling poster

There are several MVC posters available here (there are at leave 4 MVC ones):
-Removed Link Chrome is showing Malware error

alt text

alt text

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