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Given a table with a datetime column, how do I query for rows where the date matches the value I specify but ignores the time portion?

For example, select * from sales where salesDate = '11/11/2010'

For this query we don't care about the time. Other queries require the time component so we can't store only the date component.


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You can remove the time component when comparing:

FROM sales 

Another approach is to change the select to cover all the time between the start and end of the date:

FROM sales 
WHERE salesDate BETWEEN '11/11/2010 00:00:00.00' AND '11/11/2010 23:59:59.999'
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I know it's been a while on this question, but I was just looking for the same answer and found this seems to be the simplest solution:

select * from sales where datediff(dd, salesDate, '20101111') = 0

I actually use it more to find things within the last day or two, so my version looks like this:

select * from sales where datediff(dd, salesDate, getdate()) = 0

And by changing the 0 for today to a 1 I get yesterday's transactions, 2 is the day before that, and so on. And if you want everything for the last week, just change the equals to a less-than-or-equal-to:

select * from sales where datediff(dd, salesDate, getdate()) <= 7
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Nice solution. Confirmed to work with h2 db if you change the date format to 'yyyy-MM-dd'. –  adam0404 May 4 at 17:31
select * from sales where salesDate between '11/11/2010' and '12/11/2010' --if using dd/mm/yyyy

The more correct way to do it:

DECLARE @myDate datetime
SET @myDate = '11/11/2010'
select * from sales where salesDate>=@myDate and salesDate<dateadd(dd,1,@myDate)

If only the date is specified, it means total midnight. If you want to make sure intervals don't overlap, switch the between with a pair of >= and <

you can do it within one single statement, but it's just that the value is used twice.

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Something like this:

from sales 
where salesDate >= '11/11/2010' 
  AND salesDate < (Convert(datetime, '11/11/2010') + 1)
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from sales 
  dateadd(dd, datediff(dd, 0, salesDate), 0) = '11/11/2010'
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