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In a java .properties file we can do single line comments with #.

Is there some way by which we can comment more than one line?

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Unfortunately not! Java properties file only have single line # comments.

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If you use eclipse, you can select multiple lines and comment all with a shortcut (Ctrl+/ by default). Same shortcut uncomments the lines, but you have to pay attention no to select any empty line, which will cause the non-empty ones to get commented more than once.

These apply to eclipse, but i guess many IDEs and some editors offer similar functionality

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File .properties do not have multiline comments.

Since JDK 1.5 Properties have XML support, and XML format supports multiline comments. See javadocs.

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I have made a class that handles comments in properties. Both general header comments and comments for individual properties.

Have a look at : CommentedProperties JavaDoc

The jar file can be downloaded here : Download jar file from sourceforge

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single line comment using #

multiline comment using <!-- -->

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Properties prop = new Properties();

prop.setProperty( "myKey", "value" ); new FileOutputStream( new File( d:\\, "First line.\n#e.g second line" );
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I believe the point of the question is how to comment out a multi-line section of a properties file without needing to append the # character to each line. I don't see how this example addresses that problem. – Jordan May 30 '13 at 19:30

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