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I'm currently reading Practical Common Lisp. The book is great and the language interesting, but I'm not enamored of learning Emacs. I've learned Vim and that's enough text-mode editors for one brain. I don't want to learn another. Double-control commands hurt my head. What's the best non-Emacs solution for programming Lisp on Windows?

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Best free and non-emacs Common Lisp IDE is CUSP (IDE for Lisp built on Eclipse platform).

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I've tried cusp several times and have always had difficulty getting it to actually talk to SBCL. –  Steve Rowe Feb 8 '09 at 0:44

Try LispWorks

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Try viper-mode, perhaps.

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Check out stack overflow question "lispscheme-interptreter-without-emacs"

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Try Slime for Vim: http://technotales.wordpress.com/2007/10/03/like-slime-for-vim/ . Works great!

You could also use the Allegro CL environment.

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