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I`m preparing application where user can book a room for specified period. I want to show user a callendar where he will be able to select start and end date of his reservation, but i also want to markup the days in which the room has already been reserved. Is it possible using jsf/myfaces? Thanks for responses.

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Just Use a Ice Faces so you can directly use a ready made calendar.

< ice:selectInputDate id="fromDateId" renderMonthAsDropdown="true" renderYearAsDropdown="true" value="#{slowMovingSalesOrderAction.fromDate}" title="#{msgs['page.selectInputDate.popup.title']}" renderAsPopup="true" tabindex="1">

            < f:convertDateTime pattern="#{productionRegisterAction.systemDateFormat}" timeZone="#{productionRegisterAction.timeZone}"/>

          < /ice:selectInputDate>
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