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Pinch and zoom is way too violent of an animation need to turn it down a notch.

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well i came up with this:

since speed seems to be dependent on the min and max scroll speeds i kept them close to the min and max zooms every time it actually zooms using the uiscroll delegate

- (void)scrollViewDidZoom:(UIScrollView *)scrollView {


 CGFloat fSpeedZoom=.02;


 if(scrollView.maximumZoomScale>fMaxZoomScale) SV.maximumZoomScale=fMaxZoomScale;
 if(scrollView.minimumZoomScale<fMinZoomScale) SV.minimumZoomScale=fMinZoomScale;


would be good to hear f there are other ways, or if this is flawed.

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this is dependent on processor speed - seeing variations of speed on each platform, adding a timing component to this may help – yeahdixon Nov 11 '10 at 19:46

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