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Does the GPL allow for me to develop a game engine licensed under GPL and then license my game content under some other license? Or would the GPL force me to make my levels available for download as well?

Basically I would like to develop the game as open source and release the code for others to use and improve upon without making the game content free. Assuming that the game engine is useful on its own, I think that this would make some sense in my case.

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As the author of the game engine, you would be exempt from the terms of the GPL, since you are licensing the engine to others not to yourself. You wrote the code, you own the code, so what you do with it is up to you. Licensing code to others under the terms of the GPL does not limit what you can do with it.

However, if you accept patches to the engine from others, and you do not obtain either the rights to the code or their permission to use their code in a closed product, you would be violating the GPL by using code that they have licensed to you in a closed product.

Note that licensing the engine under the GPL may prevent others from creating closed games using your engine, depending on how they modify it. Content shipped with an application is generally not considered to be code, and therefore may not even be an issue in the first place. But if you provide some sort of game developer scripting capabilities then developers will have to code against an API provided by your game. If that API is also released under the GPL then people could not use the scripting engine and also produce a game with completely closed content.

You may wish to license the engine under the LGPL to alleviate these concerns.


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GPL requires that the entire executable be free. What might work for you is to develop the engine under the LGPL library and your game as a closed source user of the library.

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No it doesn't, not if you own the rights to the code. See my answer. – cdhowie Nov 11 '10 at 18:59

Your game assets (art, sound, level design) can be copyrighted separately from the GPL, so you can develop the game engine under GPL and then give the engine away for free, but charge for your levels. Yes, you can do what you ask.

Disclaimer: don't expect advice off of the Internet to be legally binding or valid in any way.

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