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We want to move to Qt for our widget library. Currently we're using WX and it's compatible with chm. I can't find anything to suggest that Qt is the same. We've invested a bunch in CHM tools for the non-technical people to write help files.

Is there a way to view chm with Qt?

If not, is there a reasonably easy path from chm to whatever IS viewable from Qt?

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Plain HTML definitely is. Qt contains a full HTML rendering core (WebKit).

Plus Qt has some internal format (packed HTML, similar to chm) http://doc.trolltech.com/qq/qq28-qthelp.html#htmlfilesandhelpprojects

Oh and: http://lists.trolltech.com/qt-interest/2005-03/thread00621-0.html explains how to open chm

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Since you're using CHM you're probably not writing cross platform code. Just call ShellExecute passing the chm file full path name as parameter and Windows will open it for you.

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