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I am about to write an audio file converter for my side job at the university.
As part of this I would need sample rate conversion. However, my professor said that it would be pretty hard to write a sample rate converter that was both of good quality and fast.

On my research on the subject, I found some functions in the OSX CoreAudio-framework, that could do a sample rate conversion (AudioConverter.h). After all, an OS has to have some facilities to do that for its own audio stack.

Do you know a similar method for C/C++ and Windows, that are either part of the OS or open source?
I am pretty sure that this function exists within DirectX Audio (XAudio2?), but I seem to be unable to find a reference to it in the MSDN library.

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Try Secret Rabbit Code (= SRC = Sample Rate Conversion ) It's GPL, it's fast and it's high quality.

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Do you have something BSD-licensed? Or at least LGPLed? –  Ivan Vučica Jul 7 '11 at 12:58

If you're worried about quality, check out Very good comparisons on different resamplers.

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