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I have two boxes that I'm using to build a source rpm. One of them runs:

/usr/lib/rpm/find-debuginfo.sh /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/name-of-package

which adds three name.debug files to the RPM_BUID_ROOT.

the other build box does not run find-debuginfo.sh and does not generate these files.

  • What does find-debuginfo.sh do?
  • what causes it to run?
  • how can I make it not run?
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Use rpm macro magic to disable building of the debug package (place this somewhere in the spec file):

%define  debug_package %{nil}

I don't know why one of your boxes builds it and the other does not.

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likely different versions of rpm on these boxes. –  thekbb Nov 20 '10 at 3:16

find-debuginfo.sh separates the dwarf debuginfo from main binaries/libraries into separate files, which can be packaged into separate FOO-debuginfo subrpms. That way, a user not interested in debugging doesn't have to install the -debuginfo and thus save disk space.

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