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I renamed my project and it's files and now Xcode is still looking for the old info.plist file. Where do I set the locations of the .plist and .pch files that it needs.

In my Project Info window, under Packaging there's an item for Info.Plist file, but it was blank, and when I try different paths, nothing happens. On compile it still says it can't find the plist by the old name.

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I know this answer is answered and closed, but I'm going to add my discoveries here as it is slightly different for Xcode 4.2:

  • Select your project
  • In the left side of the middle pane, select your app under "Targets"
  • Select the tab "Build Settings"
  • Search the following keywords: "info.plist" and "pch"
  • At this point it should be pretty clear which are the ones you need to modify.
  • Click on "Validate Settings" and you're done.
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like this, simple,bullet points problem solved! –  codejunkie Apr 14 '12 at 9:48
A better quality answer is always welcomed –  Inder Kumar Rathore Apr 15 at 18:25
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Found it. It was in the settings for the Target.

  • Choose Target in the Groups and Files pane on the left.
  • Right-Click and choose Get Info
  • Search for "Info.Plist" and type in the filename for the correct plist file into the property of the item named "Info.Plist File".
  • Then search for "Prefix" and find the item named "Prefix Header".
  • Change it's property to the name of the correct .pch file that you are using.

I think these different "Info" windows are confusing. You have to make sure the right file is selected in the Groups and Files pane before selecting "Get Info", and it's hard to tell if what you're doing is actually making changes to the Info.plist file, or where your changes are being saved.

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That would be more than helpful. I renamed my project, and this was the only item that threw me. –  Jack BeNimble Mar 6 '11 at 17:01
@Joe Blow: Had this problem too, glad to find this post. –  overboming Apr 3 '11 at 22:07

One more wrinkle to this. It still would not find the new plist file because it was in a folder inside the main project hierarchy on my disk. In this case, the name you should put in the build settings is relative to the project file, like "FolderName/Info.plist" for example.

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