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Each time am trying the get the value of an element in my page, I have an error as is undefined: I have tried dijit.byId('myid').innerHTML('loading...');

I get an error but when i do the same using jquery, it works $­('#myid').html('loading ...')

And what is the equivalent of this $('#myid').html() in dojo? Thanks for any advise

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dijit.byId returns a dijit object by some id.

dojo.byId is the equivalent of $(). To get/set it's HTML, use

dojo.byId("my_id").innerHTML = some_text`

Note that dojo.byId is just a wrapper around document.getElementById, so you can use all the basic functions.

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DojoCampus has a detailed article on jsId, dijit.byId() and dojo.byId(): dojocampus.org/content/2008/05/06/jsid-dijitbyid-and-dojobyid –  Török Gábor Nov 11 '10 at 21:28
thanks for the answer and the article –  storm_buster Nov 11 '10 at 21:57
Should qualify that dojo.byId is the equivalent of $() presumably in Prototype; jQuery's $() is more along the lines of dojo.query. I've written about some common points of confusion between dojo base and Dijit as well, maybe it'll help: kennethfranqueiro.com/2010/06/of-dijits-and-dom-nodes –  Ken Franqueiro Nov 12 '10 at 4:35
dijit.byId("my_id") ----> returns the widget associated with the domNode.
dojo.byId("my_id") -----> returns the domNode itself.

To access the domNode using dijit:

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