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I'm using sockets to read all incoming SMS:


The ones that belong to me I accept:

iReadSocket.Ioctl(KIoctlReadMessageSucceeded, iStatus, NULL, KSolSmsProv);

The ones that are malicious (like current Silence SMS threat) I would stop and the others I would like to pass into Inbox.

Currently my problem is in forwarding SMS into Inbox - they will appear there only after rebooting device.

Is there any API or solution to force Symbian to retry writing SMS into Inbox?

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You can insert messages manually - take a look at this example in the Forum Nokia Wiki. Note, however, that the example does not set character set and encoding - you may have to deal with character set conversion and encoding, which will be particularly complicated for binary messages.

How are you currently forwarding messages to the Inbox?

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Currently I'm not - that's the problem. Or actually I'm creating some of my own messages (notices to user), but they are just ordinary SMS. I'm more afraid about MMS, Email, binary settings. – Riho Jan 7 '09 at 9:08
Seems that this is the only solution. Looks like binary messages (like phone settings) are coming in through different port, so they are not caught at all. – Riho Jan 19 '09 at 6:15

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