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In my application my users can generate statements, monthly and weekly. I've recently been asked to allow the users the capability to associate a customer with either weekly or monthly but not both, to a customer. This then leads to...if a user selects a weekly customer and runs a monthly statement, he or she, should be prompted that customer's statement cannot be generated and why.

My question: In the UI of the customer screen when editing a customer, should I label the choice option(s) as

  1. Select the customer Statement Frequency [ monthly or weekly]?
  2. Select the customer Statement Type [ monthly or weekly]?

What giudelines do you follow to assist you when making such decisions?


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I would suggest using Statement Frequency. Other choices might be cycle or period.

The rule of thumb should be to ask the user (product's business owner) what terms and wordings to use. It's not uncommon for business users to review all the terms and messages the application uses. That way the resulting product will speak the users' language.

The reason is that developer-invented terminology often leads to unintuitive UI. It may be perceived as clumsy, unfamiliar, or even incomprehensible by end-users. The worst case is bringing the software's internal terminology and mechanisms to the user interface.

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