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I defined a layout, myLayout that has a left and center content. I apply my layout to all pages and the layout is composed of a series of other components (Another layout, templates ...)

In a page A, there is a component part of the layout that should not be displayed in the page. To solve that i had two solutions

  1. define a new layout only for that page I didn't like to create a whole layout just for one page,
  2. define a meta tag with a specific value in the page A and I used the pageProperty to check if the value is set and hide or show the component accordingly

The meta tag in page A index.gsp

<meta name="foo" content="myContent"/>

And myLayout

 <g:if test="${pageProperty(name:'meta.foo')!='myContent'}">    
 // Render template

is this a good way to deal with this problem ? is there a better way ?

  • ken
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my vote is for pageProperty

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