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I want to ask in which phase of Control Execution Lifecycle is the "Server-Side-Code written in aspx file" being executed?

Is it before SaveState or after, I claim it's in the rendering phase, is it true??

in aspx file if my code writen as


foreach (string item in myCollection)
    i.Value = item;
    i.Text = item;
<asp:RadioButtonList ID="rdlistAnswers" runat="server"</asp:RadioButtonList>

the changes made to the are rendered but not saved. but when write the tag as

<asp:RadioButtonList ID="rdlistAnswers" runat="server" OnPreRender="loadMe"</asp:RadioButtonList>

-as loadMe is an event handler method in the aspx.cs file makes the same thing as code above- the changes are rendered and saved, so when I do changes in PreRender phase the state is saved but when I do it by placing the logic in the aspx file its not saved, this means -at least as I claim- that server-side code placed in aspx file executes in rendering phase, do you agree me???

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Code written directly inside the aspx file will be executed at the end of Render Control in the ASP.NET page lifecycle.

I tested it precompiling an aspx file and using Reflector to look at the decompiled code.

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Ok, I noticed that when I'm tracing my code, but for POC I'm serching for an article explains code execution cycle in, didn't you saw one?? – netseng Jan 6 '09 at 12:04
Well, there is the MSDN article: and Best Practices here: and another one here: – splattne Jan 6 '09 at 13:45

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