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I need a good financial api that will allow me to retrieve a lot of stock data really quickly. I was using a csv format from yahoo, but it is very unreliable. I found it at:, however, yahoo does not have any documentation for this and I think that they have switched some flags around.

I am writing a program that will capture stock data for about 7,000 stocks every 5 minutes. I need something where I can get a dump of data, like yahoo's csv format, so that I can keep up with the load. I would like something that is documented by the company providing the API.

Does anyone know of an API that will do what I am asking?

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Are you looking for free data? Cost limit if not. –  Steve Townsend Nov 11 '10 at 22:48

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Look at activetick http API. You can run their http proxy server that abstracts complex API into GET queries, and get data back in csv format.

They're not free, but cheapest I've found so far.

I'm able to get dumps of 10K symbols on about 15 columns in less than 5 seconds. Here is a sample GET string I'm using:


and response:

MSFT,1,2,1,7,27.965000,3,1,7,27.9400,4,1,7,0.0000,5,1,7,27.6500,6,1,7,27.6500,7,1,7,27.6800,8,1,7,27.9700,9,1,7,27.5400,10,1,7,28.1200,11,1,7,27.5400,12,1,7,0.0000,13,1,7,27.6500,14,1,7,27.9300,33,1,8,Microsoft Corporation

AAPL,1,2,1,7,343.8000,3,1,7,344.3200,4,1,7,0.0000,5,1,7,343.4100,6,1,7,343.0100,7,1,7,343.0400,8,1,7,344.2400,9,1,7,338.5500,10,1,7,344.2400,11,1,7,338.5500,12,1,7,0.0000,13,1,7,343.0400,14,1,7,343.9800,33,1,8,Apple Inc.

GOOG,1,2,1,7,609.4800,3,1,7,611.8800,4,1,7,0.0000,5,1,7,610.1500,6,1,7,607.2600,7,1,7,609.9900,8,1,7,611.4500,9,1,7,606.1300,10,1,7,611.4500,11,1,7,606.1300,12,1,7,0.0000,13,1,7,610.1500,14,1,7,611.0000,33,1,8,Google Inc.

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Where did you find the doc for the HTTP API, and where is the proxy server? I registered, but can't find those links anywhere on their site or doc. –  Julien L Dec 6 '14 at 20:10

Are you looking for historical or current data? If historical, take a look at

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Just speculating, but I doubt there is a need to check historical data every 5 minutes. –  mikerobi Nov 12 '10 at 1:21
Thanks Eugene, but mikerobi is correct. I do not need historical data. –  light Nov 12 '10 at 1:56

I wrote component to retrieve stock data from Yahoo. You can read and download the source code from my blog The code enables you to download a stock data by ticker name You can define an array and to invoke my component

    private static void GetDataForListOfStocks()
        string[] arr = { "GOOG", "MSFT","ATEA"};
        foreach (string tickerName in arr)
            GetDataFromStock(tickerName, PeriodType.Daily);

    private static void GetDataFromStock(string stockName,PeriodType periodType)
        YahooHistoryDownloader historyDown = new YahooHistoryDownloader();
        List<Bar> listBar = historyDown.GetBarHistory(stockName,periodType, DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-6), DateTime.Now);
        foreach (Bar bar in listBar)
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