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I am forced into parsing some HTML on the client side (and yes this really is the only option in this case), but I am having a bit of trouble in Firefox only with the following:

 $('#Extensions').load('/advanced/admin/config.php?type=setup&display=extensions #container li'

     var liRow=$(this).html();
     var reExten=/([0-9]+)/g;
     var extension = liRow.match(reExten)[0]

     var reName=/>([a-zA-z0-9\s]+ *)/g;
     var matchName = reName.exec(liRow);
     var name = matchName[1]


The HTML that is being returned from load is something along the lines of:

<a href="file.php?type=A&amp;extension=1001">Test Extension &lt;1001&gt;</a>

The regex seems to work fine if you copy and paste it into the firefox JS console and the code as a whole works fine in internet explorer 7/8/9.

So here's the tricky bit. In firefox matchName is null on every other iteration of .each. Example output from Firebug:

LOG: Matches: The Boss
LOG: data: <A href="file.php?type=A&amp;extension=13">The Boss &lt;13&gt;</A>
LOG: regex: />([a-zA-z0-9\s]+ *)/g;
LOG: Matches: Test Extension
LOG: data: <A href="file.php?type=A&amp;extension=1001">Test Extension &lt;1001&gt;</A>
LOG: regex: />([a-zA-z0-9\s]+ *)/g;
LOG: Matches: John Smith
LOG: data: <A href="file.php?type=A&amp;extension=3801">John Smtih&lt;3801&gt;</A>
LOG: regex: />([a-zA-z0-9\s]+ *)/g;
LOG: Matches: Guy Smiley
LOG: data: <A href="file.php?type=A&amp;extension=3802">Guy Smiley &lt;3802&gt;</A>
LOG: regex: />([a-zA-z0-9\s]+ *)/g;
LOG: Matches: 3803
LOG: data: <A href="file.php?type=A&amp;extension=3803">Jane Doe &lt;3803&gt;</A>
LOG: regex: /extdisplay=([0-9]+)/g
LOG: Matches: 3804
LOG: data: <A href="file.php?type=A&amp;extension=3804">John Doe &lt;3804&gt;</A>
LOG: regex: />([a-zA-z0-9\s]+ *)/g;

Lastly, this only seems to happen when using re.exec and never on str.match(re). I'm at a total loss and have been starting at this for an hour now so I hope the question makes some kind of sense!

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I'm sure its not what you want to hear, as its not a solution to your problem: don't use regex's on HTML –  pinkfloydx33 Nov 11 '10 at 23:00
If it could be avoided at all I would! The strangest part is that the regex's themselves work fine in any other browser I've tested and always when called outside of a for loop... In a word, Im stumped. –  HurnsMobile Nov 11 '10 at 23:02
How are you generating this log output? And why is the regex different on one of the log lines? –  Daniel Martin Nov 11 '10 at 23:08

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This is probably not the final answer but its an easy thing to check. I ran this through JSLint and got these errors. Occasionally things like this can account for browser discrepancies.

Problem at line 1 character 23: Bad line breaking before ','.


Problem at line 7 character 45: Missing semicolon.

var extension = liRow.match(reExten)[0]

Problem at line 11 character 29: Missing semicolon.

var name = matchName[1]
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I was unable to get this working, but thankfully I was able to get access to an API to do it all server-side! –  HurnsMobile Nov 15 '10 at 18:49

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