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I want to know If there are any plug-ins or tools to see the files commited to the subversion by date and committer.

we are using subversion. It will be nice, If its like a web app.

Please suggest If there are any other alternative ways to do this also.

Its for my manager. So cannot be through eclipse. :)

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websvn offers a nice access to svn via web.

It offers RSS feed support so your boss gets notified on every commit.

As a commercial tool fisheye might be worth a look.

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This is close to what we are looking for. But, Instead of age, is there anything that sorts by date and committer? – Vanchinathan Chandrasekaran Nov 12 '10 at 14:55

Have you tried displaying the SVN log, using any SVN client (like TortoiseSVN, I guess your PHB is using Windows)? You can easily see the time, comments and author of any given SVN commit there...


Since TortoiseSVN integrates nicely into Windows Explorer, even your manager should be able to use it...

That being said, it's trivial to access the log information, for example using pysvn, and displaying it in a simple GUI, if selecting and opening the revision log via the context menu is asking too much in your given use case...

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I have used tortoise SVN before. Though it could solve the problem, I would like to know, if there any other tools that can make it even more easier? – Vanchinathan Chandrasekaran Nov 11 '10 at 23:25

You can also take a look at svnmonitor. It will keep checking for new changes, and notify the user (this can be configured)

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Trac is a wiki and issue tracking system that works well with subversion. As an example, click on the project's Browse Source link.

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