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Man this JSON thing is chewing away at my day. Is it suppose to be this difficult? Probably not. Ok, so I am receiving a URL with a json data set in it.

It looks like this:


And when I run json_decode in PHP on it, it looks like this:

object(stdClass)#1 (13) { ["Fname"]=> string(9) "kjhjhkjhk" ["Lname"]=> string(7) "ghghfhg" ["conf[]"]=> array(2) { [0]=> string(5) "ConfB" [1]=> string(6) "ConfA2" } ["quote"]=> string(4) "meat" ["education"]=> string(6) "person" ["edu"]=> string(7) "welding" ["Fname2"]=> string(0) "" ["Lname2"]=> string(0) "" ["gender"]=> string(2) "B2" ["quote2"]=> string(26) "Enter your meal preference" ["education2"]=> string(7) "person2" ["edu2"]=> string(5) "weld2" ["jsonval"]=> string(0) "" } 

I guess I should mention it was encoded as a serialized object from the form page and then encoded and sent over...Don't know if that will make a difference.

Anyway, I dutifully check the PHP manual, and everything, as always, looks simple enough to implement. And then, of course, I try it just the way they tell me and I miss something that's probably obvious to everyone here but me. This bit of code, returns nothing except my text that I'm echoing:

$json = $_GET['jsonval'];
$obj = var_dump(json_decode($json));

echo "<br><br>ELEMENT PLEASE!" . $obj;
print $obj->{"Fname"}; // 12345


I mean, all I want is to see the values of my individual key/values and print them out. What have I done wrong here?

Thanks for any advice.

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So I tried the answer below and no joy. $obj = var_dump(json_decode($json)); echo "<br>NAME::: "; print $obj->Fname; Produces nothing. – Lynn Nov 11 '10 at 23:29
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This line is completely wrong:

$obj = var_dump(json_decode($json));

var_dump() returns nothing

You need:

$obj = json_decode($json);

Turn display_errors on in your php.ini and set up ERROR_REPORTING = E_ALL. And continue developing with such settings.

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Ok, I'll give that a shot. Thanks! – Lynn Nov 11 '10 at 23:30
That worked! Sorry to trot such painfully obvious stuff out into these forums, but I do learn each and everytime I post here. – Lynn Nov 11 '10 at 23:31

You put this: print $obj->{"Fname"}; // 12345

It should be print $obj->Fname; // 12345

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What is the difference? – zerkms Nov 11 '10 at 23:19
Well, if it is correct the way you have it above then A) why the #!$@ is the PHP manual saying it should be written another way (costing this n00b a few hours of headbanging) and B) it, naturally, still won't work for me. But that's absolutely no surprise. – Lynn Nov 11 '10 at 23:27
The second format is preferred because it's less typing and looks better. However, in some cases valid JSON will give you invalid PHP properties. e.g., $a->foo-bar is not equivalent to $a->{'foo-bar'}. (The first is subtraction: $a->foo - bar.) If you prefer to work with arrays or want to ignore the problem altogether, you can pass true as the second parameter to json_decode. – Matthew Nov 11 '10 at 23:45
Good explanation. I really was clueless as to why the examples had true in there. I swear, I should get a domain name like and use it to explain the stuff you guys know and I don't get until it's finally explained to me and THEN it seems obvious. Thanks for your time! – Lynn Nov 11 '10 at 23:50

I think you are not calling out data from the object incorrectly.

Needs to be something like:

$data = (json_decode(urldecode('{%22Fname%22:+%22kjhjhkjhk%22,+%22Lname%22:+%22ghghfhg%22,+%22conf[]%22:+[%22ConfB%22,+%22ConfA2%22],+%22quote%22:+%22meat%22,+%22education%22:+%22person%22,+%22edu%22:+%22welding%22,+%22Fname2%22:+%22%22,+%22Lname2%22:+%22%22,+%22gender%22:+%22B2%22,+%22quote2%22:+%22Enter+your+meal+preference%22,+%22education2%22:+%22person2%22,+%22edu2%22:+%22weld2%22,+%22jsonval%22:+%22%22}')));
echo $data->Fname;
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