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Is there program that allows output of a git-diff command to be explored in a GUI?

What i am looking for is something similar to the how SmartGit displays its view of the differences between the working copy and the HEAD. Where each of the files that are different to the HEAD are displayed and the diff for the focused file is displayed.

I am not sure if it is possible to make SmartGit display the output of a "git diff" command.

alt text

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I don't quite understand how what you're asking for is different from what you've shown. Is there some reason you can't use SmartGit? Or are you asking about alternatives to SmartGit? – Greg Hewgill Nov 11 '10 at 23:32
i want to see any git-diff output in a similar style to the image. SmartGit only essentially shows the working copy to HEAD diff. – Frank Nov 11 '10 at 23:38
SmartGit's diff display looks very similar to meld, which can be run standalone. – endolith Aug 21 '12 at 16:23

Starting with git v1.7.11, you can use git difftool --dir-diff to perform a directory diff.

The answer that follows applies to git installations older than v1.7.11.

As mentioned by others, git difftool may be used to open your diff in a GUI. However if you have multiple files with changes, it will open a separate instance of the GUI for each file.

I wrote a script to work around this "feature" and allow all the files to be opened in a single GUI instance. You can find the git diffall script on GitHub.

Also, you may be interested in this related SO question:

git difftool, open all diff files immediately, not in serial

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git diff has a --ext-diff option that pipes the diff output to an external diff program. Popular open source diff programs that are known to work with Git include kdiff3 and Meld.

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git difftool will run all popular ones like meld, tkdiff, etc. Also for merges you can run git mergetool.

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I'm not sure I've understood your question correctly, but apparently in the next version of SmartGit (2.0, currently available in alpha), you can use the log window to do diffs between arbitrary commits - I haven't tried yet though.

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Note that you now can (git 1.7.11, June 2012) diff directories (ie display all the files to be compared, before opening the difftool, instead of running an instance of the external tool once per a file pair.)

See "git difftool to give directory compare?"

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