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I have downloaded the Objective-C api from here (the one on their site is for iOS) however I am getting an "Invalid signature. Expected signature base string:" error when I try to upload a file. I can login just fine, but it's just uploading that doesn't work. From looking around it seems to be an oauth problem. How can I fix it or where is there a wrapper that works with osx out of the box?

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The DropboxSDK repository you referred to looks old. You should get the release SDK from https://www.dropbox.com/developers/releases

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that one is pretty much for iOS, it doesn't compile nicely for OSX, sure it will work, but it'll take some doin' besides, this is a "just for me" app –  Matt S. Nov 15 '10 at 3:15

Check out the tutorial below, maybe it will help you find out what's not working by comparison.


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I had the same issue.
Login is fine, but upload generated invalid signature error.

I was calling:

[self.restClient uploadFile:filename toPath:nil fromPath:fromPath];

In my case I have to always specify toPath(@"") attribute even if I specify root directory.

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