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I am working with MKMapView Based application. I need a clarification that is 'Is it possible to eliminate the pin OverLap in the MKMapView?. Because at some places there are large number of pins displaying. It is difficult to me to identify the pins.

Please help me if is there any known option to resolve this.

Thank you, S.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by "eliminate the pin OverLap"? –  raidfive Nov 12 '10 at 6:00

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If you have an Apple Developer Account, I would strongly recommend getting the Session 111 video from the 2011 WWDC Conference Sessions, entitled "Visualizing Information Geographically with MapKit". One of the segments specifically covers how to cluster content from large data sets to allow you to group or ungroup pins based on density at various zoom levels.

Their example is elegantly simple, but at the heart of the problem you want to replace a group of overlapping pins with a single pin and as you zoom in the single pin will split back into the individual pins.

How and when you decide to group things can be varied considerably. Apple's solution simply subdivides the map into a grid and any box that has more than 1 pin results in a group. You could also take an algorithmic approach such as using a kMeansCluster algorithm which is incredibly simple and you could feed all of your annotations through the algorithm and get an array of groups out the other side logically organized.

From there it's a matter of keeping track of all the individual pins and how they are grouped as you zoom in and out. You will only display a single annotation for each group or any individual pins that are left over. It's also possible to animate the transitions as the map zooms in and out so you can visually reinforce what is happening.

My own technique is too closely related to Apple's approach for me to post here so I'm hoping you can access the above video which covers almost all of these points.

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Do you have a sample application for the same? –  Dee Mar 27 '12 at 13:07
Unfortunately I don't have this code any longer, but the video referenced above does give a complete walk through of the solution. –  Barney Mattox May 8 '12 at 4:46

If your pins are overlapping then it must be that your zoom level is high for that place. You can think of removing some annotations in that zoom level until you dont have annotation overlaps and while zooming in you can add the annotations so that there are enough space between the annotations.

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