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I've got a table named FOO with the column ("Porc" |- 3 7 15 50 15 7 3) and I'm copying the numbers to another table, shown below. I'm doing it the hard way, cell for cell, but I was wondering if there is a way to copy that range of the remote table (A2 to the bottom) in a single command.

  | Pr (%) | ROE de A | ROE de B |
  |      3 |   -11.43 |   -34.29 |
  |      7 |       0. |   -11.43 |
  |     15 |     3.43 |       0. |
  |     50 |      12. |    17.14 |
  |     15 |    20.57 |    34.29 |
  |      7 |      24. |    41.14 |
  |      3 |    30.86 |    54.86 |
  |  Média |    11.86 |    16.41 |
  | Desvio |     8.37 |    17.61 |
  #+TBLFM: @2$1=remote(FOO, A2)::@3$1=remote(FOO, A3)::@4$1=remote(FOO, A4)::etc


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There might be a non org-mode specific solution. Perhaps you could explain in more detail what you are trying to do? The desired Before and After states would help, as would showing the table FOO. – phils Nov 21 '10 at 9:44

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It seems your answer is in the org-mode manual:

$3 = remote(FOO, @@#$2)

copy column 2 from table FOO into column 3 of the current table For the second example, table FOO must have at least as many rows as the current table. Inefficient for large number of rows.

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A Kind of Corollary: Copying all fields in a given row

So just as:

$3 = remote(FOO, @@#$2)

copies all the fields from a given column (col2) into column three of the new table, then:

@3 = remote(FOO, @1$$#)

copies all the fields from a given row (row1) into row 3.

There's something about how this standard reference form @r$c interacts with the @# and $# notation that makes this seem a bit abstruse. e.g. this is all the org manual has to say about this remote reference syntax:

@# and $# can be used to get the row or column number of the field where the formula result goes.


Posting this example here because I found it all a bit mystifying and hope this helps some else save a few minutes when dealing with rows and tables in the awesome org-mode

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To the extent that this question boils down to, "how do I copy a range remotely?" (per the subject header), then it is inaccurate to state this does not provide an answer. But I get your point, tersely delivered as it is. What would have been more helpful--considering that I cannot add a comment requesting clarification about copying rows vs. columns--would be to suggest as a resource. – Pliny Suetonious Aug 31 at 23:04

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