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I got a question about Activity.finish().

In my Android code, there are 4 activities (A, B, C, D). The starting activity A calls startActivityForResult(intent, reqCode) to start activity B. B starts C, and then finish(), not waiting for result. C does exactly the same as B, starts D and then finish(). D will return some result, by setResult(resultCode).

When my code runs and activity D returns some result, A will catch a RESULT_CANCELED on onActivityResult(), even if RESULT_OK is returned in D. I guess the RESULT_CANCELED is from activity B, which has been terminated before D returns a result, rather than from D.

But, my question is, why activity A catch RESULT_CANCELED after D returns some result, rather than immediately after B is terminated? And, what should I do to make A catch results from D? Do I have to keep B and C alive, to pass results from D to A?

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Yes you would have to keep B and C alive . You can finish() them once they have received result and passed it on. Example you can finish C once it has received result from D and passed it on to B. Hope it helps :) –  Shahab Nov 12 '10 at 8:30
Thanks. Keeping B and C alive really works for me, but it also brings more codes to handle the result passing. Is it possible for A to receive from D directly? Another question is, why activity A catch RESULT_CANCELED after D returns some result? If A get results from B, it should get the result immediately after B is finished, I guess. –  MaratSafinWang Nov 15 '10 at 0:58

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From your explanation, i understood that activity A starts B starts C and C starts D.

B after starting C invokes finish() and C also does the same.

Since B has been started by A, it will be waiting for result from B, as A has not been linked to D, it doesn't matter even if D returns some result.

If you want to get RESULT_OK in onActivityResult() of A, you will have to receive valid result from B. For that you have to receive D's result in C then pass it to B then from B pass it to A.

You can invoke finish() in onActivityResult() of B and C after passing result back to their respective calling activities through Intent.

I think, I understood your question correctly. If its wrong, please forgive me.

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Thanks for your reply. Please refer to my feedback to Shahab, and I got 2 further questions. –  MaratSafinWang Nov 15 '10 at 1:00

Start activity B and C with flag Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_FORWARD_RESULT .

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May this wont be too sensible, but why dont you **set result of B and C to RESULT_OK** depeding on some situation evaluation. I hope

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