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Document doc = Jsoup.connect("").get();
    Element part = doc.body();
    Elements parts = part.getElementsByTag("span");
    String attValue;
    String html;
    for(Element ent : parts)
            attValue = ent.attr("class");
            if(attValue=="BVRRReviewText description")

Am using Jsoup.jar for the above program.

I am accessing the webpage and my aim is to the print the text that is found within the tag <span class="BVRRReviewText description">text</span>.

But nothing is getting printed as output. There is no contents added to the String html in the program. But attValue is getting all the attribute values of the span tag.

Where must I have went wrong? Please advise.

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if(attValue=="BVRRReviewText description")

should be

if(attValue.equals("...")) surely?

This is Java, not Javascript.

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Thanks.... Just got the solution... – LGAP Nov 12 '10 at 8:58


attValue=="BVRRReviewText description"



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