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we currently have a SAP System with two different clients 002 and 004 in use. My task is to write a program in ABAP to create a report about user-assignements. The report will do mainly the same on both clients. But I have to select on different tables, and a different number of tables on both clients. Depending on wich client the user calling the report is logged in.
Question: Is there a way to distinguish in ABAP-Code between different clients? Like:

IF client = 002.

Thanks in advance.

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The current client is available in field sy-mandt.

For example:

IF sy-mandt = '002'.
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Thank you. Sometimes i'ts tgat easy. Seems like I searched with the wrong keywords. Or too general ones. – omnibrain Nov 12 '10 at 14:29
And 99% of SAP tables include in its key the field mandt or client (the ones that do not include it are client independent) so you can make your code client dependant (avoiding duplication of code) adding 'client = sy-mandt' or 'mandt = sy-mandt' and 'CLIENT SPECIFIED' on every database access (read, update, delete...) See sap help on FROM statement – franblay Nov 25 '11 at 10:50
The system automatically applies the constraint to SQL-queries, so by default you only get data where mandt = sy-mandt – hotzen Apr 12 '13 at 22:18

An additional suggestion - try to do this the object-oriented way, stuffing all the common code into an abstract superclass and create two subclasses which carry only the client-dependent code. Then, based on SY-MANDT, instantiate either of the subclasses. This might help reducing duplicate code...

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