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Hi Ladies and Gentlemans!

I have a MenuStrip and want to have a ContextMenu with same structure. Can I use my MenuStrip as ContextMenu, or quick create ContextMenu with DataSource from MenuStrip?


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I do not believe that you can use an item from a MenuStrip as a ContextMenuStrip. I've run into this before, and I agree that a menu should be a menu, but they're apparently implemented as different controls because they require slightly different functionality under the covers.

However, you can use a ContextMenuStrip as a drop-down menu for the MenuStrip control. So you can achieve the behavior you're looking for by doing it the other way around. Design the ContextMenuStrip however you want it, and then assign it to the DropDown property for the top-level ToolStripMenuItem on the MenuStrip that you want that menu to be shown for.

Or, you can go the long way and create two different menus in the Designer, but copy-and-paste the items from one menu to the other. This at least saves you the time of designing two menus to look exactly the same. You can even wire up the event handlers (say, for the Click events of each menu item) to handle the items from both menus. In VB.NET, for example, the Handles keyword makes this extremely simple:

Private Sub Exit_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) _
   Handles exitMenuItem.Click, exitContextMenuItem.Click
End Sub
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You say several solutions! I'll choose one of them.. thanks! – Yuriy Nov 12 '10 at 22:31

If you are looking for a short, to the point, answer: No.

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