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I would like to execute an OS command from my ruby script but I want to add an argument from a ruby variable.

I know that's possible by using keyword system like that :

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
directory = '/home/paulgreg/'
system 'ls ' + directory

but is that possible by using the "backquotes or backticks syntax" ? (I mean by using that syntax : ls)

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No, that will just concatenate the output from ls and the contents of directory.

But you can do this:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
directory = '/home/paulgreg/'
`ls #{directory}`
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`ls #{directory}`

isn't very safe because you're going to run into problems with path names that have spaces in them.

It's safer to do something like this:

directory = '/home/paulgreg/'

args = []
args << "/bin/ls"
args << directory

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how would you read the output from system call? –  Khoa Nguyen Sep 10 '14 at 0:27

Nick is right, but there is no need to assemble the args piecewise:

directory = '/Volumes/Omg a space/'
system('/bin/ls', directory)
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