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I'm looking for a solution of dynamic web service client such as DII from JAX-RPC.

I need to generate a client from a WSDL. But the WSDL is only known at runtime (so I don't have any available interface).

I had a look on JbossESB, JbossWS, JaxWS,JaxRPC, but I could'nt find anything that fits this requirements.

Thanks for your help.

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Note that WSIF can do exactly that but it requires JDK 1.3 uses old methods. I need to integrate this in a JDK 5. – nono Nov 12 '10 at 9:28
dynamically means I assume after deployment of app. If so , suppose you have generated client how would you use it? – Jigar Joshi Nov 12 '10 at 9:47

It appears that this is possible with CXF and some java reflection.


I'm personally looking for a solution for this + a dynamic server model as well.

Good luck.

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finding a ready-made solution to your problem is not easy. at least none exist AFAIK. due to the inherent, unknown complexity of the backing schema types associated w/ an operation's request and response, it's not possible to have such a solution.

however, putting together the correct tools, or using some open-source frameworks/libraries/tools you might be able to achieve something similar. basically you'll need to have a WSDL4J implementation, along with a schema parser like XMLBeans to get this working.

A tool which comes to my mind is SoapUI. it achieves something similar - user loads a WSDL at runtime and thereafter can execute operations. the source of this tool is also available for modification under LGPL here. you'll need to strip and salvage the core functionality that suits your need. or best, build one of your own :]

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