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OK so I'm a bit rusty on parts of T-SQL such as string manipulation I got a string in a field called [path] the value of the field could look like


I need to update the field (for all records) so that the result will be


that is strip of anything before the first '\' and the '\'

so I'd appricate if any one could help me fill in the "blanks"

UPDATE SourceFiles
   SET Path = <blanks>
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Something like

UPDATE SourceFiles
    SET Path = SUBSTRING(Path,CHARINDEX('\',Path)+1,8000)

(Assuming your Path column isn't a varchar(max))

If your path column might not contain a backslash at all, you might want:

UPDATE SourceFiles
    SET Path = CASE
                   WHEN CHARINDEX('\',Path) = 0 THEN Path
                   ELSE SUBSTRING(Path,CHARINDEX('\',Path)+1,8000)
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