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Will datetime datatype in a table column(last_modified_timestamp) update the current time automatically?

i have a table column as shown below , i need to know whether it will insert the current time in the column automatically?

How i know currently i have default settings in my table?

i changed it to insert ...not for updating !

alt text

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No, it will not. How would you expect SQL to guess which datetime columns should be automatically updated like this, and yet others are meant to record, e.g. historic dates.

For INSERT purposes, you can have a DEFAULT constraint on the column that inserts the current date (Getdate()/CURRENT_TIMESTAMP).

But for UPDATEs to work, you'd have to implement a trigger.

For INSERT purposes, and using the table designer, you can look at the "Default Value or Binding" property - you'd set this to (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) or (GetDate()) (they mean the same thing). Or in the Object Explorer, you can look at the constraints on the table - if there's a default set, it will appear in there.

Also, worth pointing out that a default is exactly as it sounds - there's nothing to prevent someone providing their own value for this column. If you want to prevent this, then trigger's are probably the answer (although a lot of people dislike triggers).

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please check the question i have updated it – SmartestVEGA Nov 12 '10 at 9:48

No, it wont.

You either need to specify a default like

        ID INT,


FROM    @Table

Or make use of triggers, or update the values manually using GETDATE() in your INSERT/UPDATES

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Definitely NOT.

You can use DEFAULT to be getdate() which will add your current datetime for your column

If default is set on a column, you can see that in your table constraints. Check in the table properties, or type sp_help <tablename>

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@user106528 - Edited my answer to give details on where you can find default value set on column – Sachin Shanbhag Nov 12 '10 at 9:53

If you use the use DEFAULT getdate() you must disable the nulls for that column, and if you sent a null then sql will set the default.

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DEFAULT on column cosion_structure_code DEFAULT on column incoete_flag DEFAULT on column pur_flag DEFAULT on column use_client_default_f_flag DEFAULT on column opel_code FOREIGN KEY FOREIGN KEY PRIMARY KEY (clustered) – SmartestVEGA Nov 12 '10 at 10:09
These are my constraints in this there is no last_modified_timestamp coloumn – SmartestVEGA Nov 12 '10 at 10:10

sounds like you might need a trigger to update the date when an update is made.

-- =============================================
-- Author:      David Forck
-- Create date: 12Nov10
-- Description: Update last modified date
-- =============================================
CREATE TRIGGER dbo.UpdateLastModified
   ON  dbo.table1
   AFTER update


update dbo.table1
set last_modified_timestap=getdate()
where ID in (select ID from inserted)

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