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I have a Tomcat 5.5 server and i deploy a application on it. I have something like this http://tocatServer:8088/MyApp I want to limit the acces of users at this address by putting an username and password, but i need help. I know that i must add roles on web.xml, i try it but without success. If possible i want to send the URL like this http://username:password@tocatServer:8088/MyApp This url is sent from a java swing application for getting license from the serlet Thanks

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To restrict the access to a webapp (or to a folder in the webapp URL) in Tomcat:

in webapps/MyApp/WEB-INF/web.xml add

            Entire webapp
    <!-- pay attention: BASIC in insecure, use it only for test, search for a more secure method -->
    <realm-name>Text reported when prompting the user for un and pw</realm-name>

and in conf/tomcat-users.xml add

<role rolename="member"/>
<user username="bubi" password="bubi" roles="member"/>

Then reload the webapp and maybe restart Tomcat too.

Source: O'Reilly's Top Ten Tomcat Configuration Tips - 5. Configuring Basic Authentication

About the second question, I don't know how to realize it.

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