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I try to integrate Google's static Maps service in my C# application. It should plot a custom route on a map. For example:|weight:5|40.737102,-73.990318|40.749825,-73.987963&sensor=false

This works well for a few path points (~ <75) but if the route is long enough the URI exceeds the 2048 characters limit and I get a 414 error message.

Is it possible to bypass this problem, perhaps with a POST?

Thank you!

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if you have a web serve you can save the points in a KML file hosted on your webserver then pass it along to google Maps

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Static maps API does not support KML file – Azeem Shaikh Jun 11 '15 at 14:13

Nope you can't bypass that problem.What you can do is to maybe reduce the accuracy of the coords so that the url length gets reduced also.

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Google static image API does not support for viewing of KML file.

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