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I have a dropdown which i want to fill through jquery. Problem that i am facing is that i want to call a class function directly from jquery. eg My class_function PHP class contains get_locations function. how can i call this get_locations function using jquery .post method without introducing a third page?

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The way I usually do that is to have an if statement at the top of the php page checking for a special mode.


   'page.php?mode=ajaxGetLocations&someVar=' + $('#someVar').val(),
   function(data) { $('#myDropDown').html(data); }

PHP - near the top of the code

if (isset($_REQUEST['ajaxGetLocations'])
    $someVar = $_REQUEST['someVar'];
    // Get your data here

    // Output your select box here
    exit; // You don't want to keep processing the page
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Have your PHP page upgraded with

if (isset($_GET['get_locations'])) {
    echo $this->get_locations();

and call it from jQuery with

data: "get_locations=1",
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You can't, because jQuery and PHP run in entirely different environments - PHP on the server, jQuery on the client. jQuery runs after PHP is done.

You want to look into jQuery's Ajax functions to find out how to call a PHP script from Javascript.

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Ajax is used to make an HTTP request from the browser, using JavaScript, without leaving the page. so you cant call a class function directly... but you can handle it by allowing the constructor to call this function depending on the parameters you have passed

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