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How can i get the order position of Jquery sortable list?

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Are you asking how to get the new position of the element you just sorted in a list? –  Simen Echholt Nov 13 '10 at 1:40

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If your elements have IDs (if they don't, pick a prefix and number them) you can use the toArray method to get the array of IDs in their current order, for example:

var idsInOrder = $(selector).sortable("toArray");

If you want to find the position of a particular one, use $.inArray(), like this:

var index = $.inArray("idToLookFor", idsInOrder);

This will return the 0-based index in the list the ID you're looking for is, or -1 if it's not found.

More generally, if you just want to get the index of an element amongst its siblings, use .index() with no parameters, like this:


If your sortable was for example a <ul> with sortable <li> children, calling this on an <li> would also get it's 0-based index, within it's siblings.

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add a data attribute and use that instead of a id with a prefix –  Edgar Martinez May 10 '13 at 4:49

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