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I am using "FancyBox" in ASP.NET User Control (inside a Content Page). I want that a click(client side click) on a button 'placed on the page loaded into the FancyBox ,will call a JavaScript function, and in that function I want to enable a ImageButton contained in the parent page(The page that opened the FancyBox modal dialog)and Dynamically add 'onclick' property to it.

In the code file of the form that contains the ImageButton I added an attribute so I can easily select it using JQuery

ibtnDeleteImage.Attributes.Add("serverID", "ibtnDeleteImage");

Here is the function used to add the onclick property to the ImageButton

 function addOnclick() {

   //Get ref to the delete article thumbnail image button
   var $ibtnDeleteThumbImage = $("input[serverId='ibtnDeleteImage']", window.parent.document);

   //Enable the image button

   //Add  onclick property to the ImageButton assign it an  event handler and avoid post back to the server
   $ibtnDeleteThumbImage[0].onclick = function() { deleteThumbnailImage(); return false; };


Here is the event handler :

function deleteThumbnailImage() {
   var dialogMessage = "Are you sure you want \n to delete the article thumbnail";
   if (confirm(dialogMessage)) {
       var $ibtnDeleteThumbImage = $("input[serverId='ibtnDeleteImage']", window.parent.document);
       //Remove the onclick property from the ImageButton
       //Disable the ImageButton
       $ibtnDeleteThumbImage.attr('disabled', 'disabled');



I am using the syntax

 $ibtnDeleteThumbImage[0].onclick = function() { deleteThumbnailImage(); return false; };

And not

$ibtnDeleteThumbImage.attr("onclick", "deleteThumbnailImage();return false;");

Because of the problem described here

My problem : This syntax work well in a javascript function called by a button contained page loaded in a regular Iframe but not in one contained in page loaded into FancyBox. (The onclick property is not added to the ImageButton and there is a postback to the server)

Does anyone know what is the problem and what is the solution to it ?


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That could be a cross scripting issue.

In your addOnClick function, you could do something like this

$("input[serverId='ibtnDeleteImage']").click(function() { 
    // perform delete logic here
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