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I am in need of a way to mute a specific application in Vista.

Example: Mute just Firefox, but not all of the other application. Much similar to muting a specific program from within the volume mixer in vista.

If there is a program that will do this, i would appreciate that. Otherwise if there is a way to do this, I will write a small app(Preferrably something .net).

EDIT: I want to automate this procedure, possibly key-map it.

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I have exactly the same request, did you manage to solve this? Would greatly appreciate any help. – user909646 Aug 24 '11 at 12:48

I suggest using the built in Mixer in Vista...

Why do you want to use an 3rd party program?

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Using AutoHotkey, this works even better than expected! Just a fast window flash and BOOM, done. Src:

#NoEnv ;// Recommended for new scripts
#Persistent ;// Recommended for new scripts
SendMode Input  ;// Recommended for new scripts
SetTitleMatchMode 2

;// Set VolumeMute to only silence Media Center

    ;// Open mixer
    Run sndvol 
    WinWait Volume Mixer
    ;// Mute Standard Media Center Process
    appName = Chrome
    ;// Mute Netflix Media Center Process
    appName = Firefox
    WinClose Volume Mixer

;// Volume Mixer must exist
    ;// Find X position & width of textblock with text matching our appName
    ControlGetPos, refX, , refW, , % appName, Volume Mixer
    ;// Find button with left side within the width of the textblock
    x = -1
    while ( x != "") 
        ;// A_Index is current loop iteration→used to find id
        tbIDX := (A_Index * 2) 
        ControlGetPos, x, , , , ToolbarWindow32%tbIDX%, Volume Mixer
        diff := x - refX
        if (diff > 0 && diff < refW)
            ;// msgbox diff: %diff% refX: %refX% tbIDX: %tbIDX% x: %x% A_Index: %A_Index%
            ControlClick, ToolbarWindow32%tbIDX%, Volume Mixer
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