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How do I prevent the user from resizing form dialogues in VB6? The dialogues are small and simple and resizing them serves no purpose, so I'd prefer to prevent it than write code to handle it.

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You can set the BorderStyle of the form to either "Fixed Single" (vbFixedSingle) or "Fixed Dialog" (vbFixedDouble) at design-time. Either of these will prevent the user from resizing the form.

Fixed Single provides a Control-menu box, title bar, Maximize button, and Minimize button. The form will still be resizable using the Maximize and Minimize buttons, but not by dragging the edges of the window.

Fixed Dialog provides a Control-menu box and title bar, but eliminates the Maximize and Minimize buttons. It is therefore not resizable at all. (Also note that a form that contains a menu cannot be displayed as a Fixed Dialog and is automatically changed to the Fixed Single border style.)

See also the relevant MSDN entry: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa245047(VS.60).aspx

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Select as BorderStyle "Fixed Single"

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Change the BorderStyle. Toolbox, Fixed dialog or property window should do it I think.

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You can set the BorderStyle of the form to "Fixed Single" and If you want to have a minimizable form , set MinButton property to "True".

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form border options available in vb6 are

me.BorderStyle = 0 ' – None
me.Appearance = 0 '– Flat
me.BorderStyle = 1 '– Fixed Single
me. Appearance = 1 '– 3D
me.BorderStyle = 1 '– Fixed Single
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