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I'm trying to follow a tutorial on openXML here.

I don't follow the bit where he talks about storing an XML fragment in project resources.

He can then obtain a copy of the XML fragment easily with

String content = Properties.Resources.XmlContentForEmbedImage;

I don't know how to do this, and I've googled without finding anything? What does store the XML fragment in project resources mean?

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You can accomplish this by performing the following steps:

  • Add a new item to your project;

  • Select "Resource File" as its type;

  • Double click (open) the newly created item;

  • Change the current type (begins with "String") to "Files" by clicking the drop down box;

  • Click "Add resource";

  • Change the file type to "*.*";

  • Choose the XML file you want to add.

The file is now added as a resource. You can use this in the manner described in your web page. The name of the resource file has become a class in your project with a property for the file.

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