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I'm using the Blueprint CSS framework for a website. Some pages I'm developing have a black background.

Although I can set all the styles myself, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a plugin I could use to do this for me.

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Being such a trivial matter, I'm going to say I doubt it exists. Just create a set of styles, and call the appropriate class when needed. – Juan Cortes Nov 12 '10 at 12:57
maybe an intern? – Sebastian Patane Masuelli Nov 23 '10 at 9:27
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Although absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, lots of searching suggests that there is no such plug-in.

The nearest thing I have been able to find exists in the Compass project:, which at least allows you to set everything up as constants in SASS or SCSS.

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A framework can help you but cannot do all the job for you!

I think it's easy change the background and font color when you want.

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That's true, but I prefer to use code that is maintained collaboratively wherever possible. – G Mawr Nov 12 '10 at 12:20

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